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Warm up
100ft bear walk
30 lunges
15 pushups
10 toes to bar
5 long jump burpees
100ft farmers carry (35)

Skill: 1 min on, 1 min off, 45 sec on/off, 30 sec on/off, 15 sec on/off of Pull Ups (I did 57)

Seven rounds of:
35 Double-unders (100 singles)
1 (Squat) Snatch (I managed 3 at 65#)

I am the proud mama of Whisky (nee Paul). He is a lovable, excitable, chicken shit. He's super shy of everyone, follows me around EVERYWHERE, snuggles with me constantly, loves to give me kisses, is innately curious about everything and is altogether JUST what I needed. I hate being away from him. He hates being away from me. We need to work on that, but we have a few weeks to get used to each other - and get him used to being in his crate when I'm away. I even let him sleep with me - and he seems to find a way to end up sleeping on my legs every night. But I don't mind. I love having him there.

I also found a new therapist. She seems awesome. She is in to alternative treatments for depression and anxiety - rather than just throwing more drugs at it. And I can see her every week. She has me feeling hopeful that I can beat this anxiety and get back to school.

Then there's Kassidy. Bitch won't let Rowen come to Colorado for Thanksgiving or Christmas - and due to how busy my schedule is going to be next year, who knows when I'll get to see him. I'm trying not to let her selfish ways ruin my holidays, but it is hard. At least I'll get to see Matt next week. That's a relief.

And last week I was in Georgia for a few days hanging with my Georgia family. I miss them desperately already. Rory and Ella make my soul smile, and Ilana came down to surprise me. I was hoping Clint and Jess would be able to come, too, but oh well.

I could go on and on in this entry, but I don't want to. I have a ton to process internally. But I wanted to get the big stuff down.

Here's a picture of my baby.



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