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Back in the saddle
Warm up
800m run (prolly the last day we'll get to do THAT for a while)
15 squats
15 pushups
10 pullups (did these, but moved up to blue band for a couple of weeks)
10 ring dips
10 ring rows
20 lunges
10 med ball cleans

Weight training
Dead lifts - I bowed out here

5 rounds
7 squat cleans (I did front squats at 60# - rx was 105#)
14 KB swings (26#)

After taking a week off to let my elbow heal a bit, today was my first day lifting in nearly 3 weeks. I took it slow and light, with the pullups, ring dips, front squats and KB swings. My elbow hurts a bit, but not too bad. I wonder how it will feel tomorrow. My lungs were burning, my legs were shaking. My wrists didn't like holding that bar in the rack position at ALL. But I finished really quickly.

I have so much crap to write about. Tomorrow. Big, BIG decision to make about school. I think I know what I will do, but so much depends on what the doctor says tomorrow. I'll write about it all tomorrow. Ug.

Suck it up, buttercup.


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