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More box jumps
Warm up
4 - 150m row sprints (kept it about about 1:51 for each)
10 squats
10 pushups
wow, I really can't remember what else there was
but we ended with
5 atlas ball squat cleans (40#)

Back squats
5@ 35
5 @ 65
5 @ 95

12 min AMRAP
4 Deadlifts (255/185) - did prowler pushes for 50m instead
8 HSPU - did regular pushups
12 Box Jumps (30/24) - did 20in jumps

Completed 5 rounds and one prowler push. And I jumped on that box 60 times. No step ups for me. Small steps, right? Whatever - the workout made me feel great - I think getting to do back squats helped, too. I really miss lifting.

I heard from the lady at the CPHP today. Told her my tale of woe. She told me that they couldn't get me in to see a doctor until Nov 2nd. I don't think that it is soon enough, but she is going to try to get me in sooner.

I didn't get much studying done today. Spent as much time looking up words as I did wading through the reading.

I really need something good and wonderful to happen in my life. So much shit, so little relief.


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