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Atlas stones
Warm up
20 squats
20 pushups
400m run
15 back extensions
15 Toes to bar
350m row
20 GHD situps
20 ring dips
100m crab walk

I admit, I half-assed most of that warm up. I blame the meds.

3 rounds
10 Ground to Shoulder with Atlas Stones (115/70)
50 Double Unders (150 singles)

I did the 70 lb stones. Those started getting pretty tough that last round, but it was all mental. And once again, I am left wishing for double unders. I could have cut so much time off if I could do them.

I was supposed to do the one rep max power clean too, but I decided I'd rather give my arms so more rest.

I'm gonna fail this cardio test. Fortunately, I only need 52 points to pass the course. Out of 100. Maybe I can pull that off. I have to remember to send Dr. Kruse an email about the quiz that they gave 0/5 on because I wasn't there - I was excused.

I have nothing profound to say tonight. So I guess I'll call it.


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